Friday, August 21, 2009

Text the planet: Gliese 581d

may call it 'superearth'
(googlesky just preview make up of a collaboratin of Hubble Telescope space photographs,,though)

sorry guys for the late post

cos i really dont have much time to deal with this excited news
- hurry up until the last min to register the Aus website
who cooperates with NASA
"Inhabitants of the planet Gliese 581d
(earth-like and most closer, 8 times earth mass)
will need a radio receiver and the ability to interpret binary code if they are to understand a series of text messages"

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meek St. Incident Live

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——always remind ppl dun go 'meek' and we hadnt been awareness, we went through meek st. almost everyday. However, took the revenge back...
——Musi_Zhang @Musibolun

师兄有所内疚,故望诸位海量包涵(主要也是想赶快把这件事情忘掉,现在师兄整儿一个宅男)(4 mor details, pls PM me then)
i always remind other students that dun go meek st.

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