Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The effort that Yahoo made for Tumblr acquisition - New Flickr

New Google Image Search like design and layout:

As a Flickr Pro User, I can just use my previous free account to enjoy the 200MB photo upload and keep renewing my Pro for the unlimited storage (very hard to reach 10Giga even 1Tera)

I'm still a little bit frustrated that I missed the $5/yr 50GB Google Drive :(

On the other hand, Yahoo just innuendos about Facebook's image quantity.

Therefore, the international stage is right there. Time to improve our techniques. Let's use up the light~!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

五月花开2013 Newsfeeds

  • CITI - These 10 Technologies Are Completely Changing The Way The World Does Business - 花旗预测 彻底改变世界的十大技术
  • Sharp triple-junction InGaAs solar cell conversion efficiency in 37.9%夏普三节光伏太阳能电池转化率 - InGap-Tunnel Junction-GaAs-Tunnel Junction-InGaAs

遇上火警,整个building evacuation, 们全被赶出来了,结果有个PV师妹一个劲跟我要联系方式,最终在我们被第二次火警赶出来了之后,
她忍不住问道,"你是不是那个Musix Apologiz Letter的作者~"
我瞬时感到诧异,很容易直接联想那个被做过手脚的庞大mail list, 也恰巧在那一瞬间,沨叔夫妇和Chad扛巨型卖票桌刚好路过。
"可是我后来意识到了个问题,就是mail list上有很多被扯进来的无关人员或说非活跃会员,这使得我公事公办的做法过于直接使得许多私人无法完全接受,从人情上看得话,有时蛮有方舟子的精神。"
过我所有的做法都遵循以下Hierarchy of Disagreement,声明旨在对事不对人。

  • Bitcoin Mining 比特币挖掘 - 那些年,我们一起分布式计算


给悉尼华裔小姐评选活动设计的Money终于有空约我出来了,顺带交流了一下小白和Illustrater领教了几招,,也好给老板交差了 The following are selective pieces of my gathering:
The Love Face I voted.


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