Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 X'MAS Eve - The Entrance

cannot rmb that much,,,even suzan's friend the hongky's name,, nd havent got austan's private clips about her,,,,just rmb he went to toilet somewhere very long time ago,, i tried to protect suzan but i didnt have any river swimming experience caused i was drifting by the river and my right foot got 3 holes cut by the rocks

2012-12-24 10.58.48.jpg

2012-12-24 10.58.59.jpg

2012-12-24 10.59.21.jpg

2012-12-24 11.09.13.jpg

2012-12-24 11.25.06.jpg

2012-12-24 11.42.30.jpg

2012-12-24 12.46.24.jpg

2012-12-24 13.02.30.jpg

Crocodile Meat
2012-12-24 13.03.36.jpg
Emu meat
all in the restaurant called 'RED CENTRE'

2012-12-24 13.42.27.jpg

2012-12-24 16.07.54.jpg

I didnt even know how strong is the World Lion Club,, just know i met the vice president for the art performance,, thanks for washing my feet,,, so injured,, cnt believe i just did everything by myself,, lazy ya 3
2012-12-24 16.50.41.jpg

2012-12-24 16.51.19.jpg

xmas eve in the entrance, nsw.png
so many first time experiences,,, inside car to see how car wash machine works; Crocodile meat ; Emu Meat; swim in the river.
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