Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 OZ Day Jamberoo Theme Park


        Once upon an Australian Day, We 5 ppl went together from lidcombe straight down to the southwest of wolonggon? called Jamberoo Theme Park.

Jan.26 Jamberoo 2013 i.png

        I ate too much of the French chocolate bought from Costo so that i was wondering how come i felt so dizzy just one round in water world - Snake water trace,,, i hadn't got time to fill my leg in then staff pushed us away,,,, nothing like gold coast's accurate calculation and safety instruction seemed like they just believe themselves,,,,wth,, god damn brain washed,,,ill mention that later on.

        I tried to fight for fish n chips lunch with flies then felt much more dizzy,,, when i walked to the chair lift place, i dreamed that would be my last activity just paid for value of this theme park.

2013-01-26 16.29.12.jpg

        Suddenly i was so frustrated with the infrastructure that i could fell over when it stopped on the way,,, esp. the 嘎吱嘎吱 so i didn't hold the oz flag properly like sail,, also couldn't even pick up any phone call,,,,, the staffs just encouraged me like in the Snake,, its like human always can beat the heaven,, strongly affected by the last century mainland communist mind

        finally i arrived at the top of the hill,,, the landscape s brilliant but the new issue came - i cannot walked down to the entrance by myself, took the terrible chair lift again or learned the special track way via a special 'car',,,, dizzzzzzzyyyyyy when i was talking to all the frz who were looking for me via austin's phone,,,,,
they just wanna me get down like from Sydney Tower in a few seconds,,,

2013-01-26 17.29.13.jpg

2013-01-26 17.40.14.jpg

2013-01-26 17.40.14.jpg

2013-01-26 17.41.44.jpg

2013-01-26 17.56.02.jpg

I felt extremely tired n scared i ve never been. Ceici called me when she was in darling harbour with mishao,,,i just couldn't do normal breath n lost control of spoken with a frequency of pulses,,, annoy mohsin, oz flag holder sunny n old shanghainese driver austin were mixing the background sounds like phone sex,,, lucky the other side understood in other way like i was being bullying by others,,,,

Jan.26 Jamberoo 2013 ii.png

I decided to left burwood with them n 含笑半步颠 to ashfield to reach dr.hua,,, got great sleep n some key massages with chinese medicines with veg food. Recovered very well. A few days later i just realised the French chocolate caused the trouble on me :(
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday Night Market Promotion in Chinatown Sydney

First time experience,,,

Master want me to control the video so i was trying to use kmplayer on the screen broken laptop but it didnt decode very well on high bit rate wmv so we used stephen's ubuntu linux laptop instead,,,



2013-01-25 21.23.14.jpg

2013-01-13 12.28.58.jpg

2013-01-20 19.46.46.jpg

2013-01-25 20.41.42.jpg

Pre-Promotion Newsletter n Podcast  @unswdebating

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apia Sydney International Tennis - Centre Court - Jan.8, 2013

2013-01-08 21.32.14.png

2013-01-08 15.03.16.png

- Living it like a Prince, with free massages, wii tennis, and wonderful tennis in 43c

        待寡人仍居墨尔本之前,在悉尼的网球家就一直怂恿寡人上澳网现场 Austrlaian Open Live in Jolimount MCG, 只可惜无缘,也可惜无人带着。恰逢此时,有一上海大叔邀请,歌欣然往之,惜vicky解要invitation one in advance, 遂二人踏上这不归之途。
        受当地文化的影响,歌对赛制亦略知一二:得分从15,30,40直到某一方最先赢得比赛,若皆为40比40,则可能出现serve这一方显示Advance, 当然始终有个不会上电视的屏幕一直显示serve speed,,一共3个Set,其中前两个各10局,第三个为run n die, 看谁先到10分也就是赢十个球。
        歌从中收条件反射想到了三个辩题:奥运金牌,中国体育举国体制利、弊大于弊、利 和 西安交大曾对新南悉尼的那个有关电子裁判的 @unswdebating 。

2013-01-08 11.54.26.jpg

2013-01-08 14.59.14.jpg

2013-1-10 22.53.png









        李娜大名如雷贯耳,只是未逢真人,这回,我们在看台没有阳光的地方,仍然顶着43摄氏度来远眺超过50度在场地上的她;下午凉快些,看了Tomic的比赛,觉得这个运动主要是以体力为基础,外加技巧练习。男性选手虽然发球成功率也不高,但是流畅性和观赏性皆为上乘,具备水准。这部分有个亮点,就是最后,我背后有个人:"Hey, Tomic~! Finish Him"Tomic回眸浅浅一笑:"Yeah?"只可惜此经典镜头悄然声息的从歌早已攥紧的拳头上溜过,其实大家都在期待这心悬一线的最后几个球。
       Zheng Jie一直没在主场,我们俩分身经常去观望她,单打可能是因为四十多度,败北;落日左右的双打,发现是举国体制send her into Australia,,,裁判是个二报法语的,前两个2v2之Set分别为zheng jie 6:4和4:6平手,结果在最后Last Stand的前两分,因为二报的两个出界边境误判给对方,使得本已连战一天并在第二个Set输掉的她们予以了毁灭性的打击。歌也在现场用不同的掌声作为抗议的还击,后来被Austin带到了Burwood吃晚餐。他也认为应该判给Zheng Jie这边,她们会赢,,歌觉得其实佢等实力相当,难分胜负,就看运气了,其实训练邓刀杂谡庀钜蕴辶⊥饧蛹记傻脑硕此祷共还唬孕杓绦Γ比煌馕б裁坏缱硬门校耆瓜值氖堑缱硬门姓飧霰缣獾睦Α

2013-01-08 18.06.40.jpg

2013-1-10 19.31.png

2013-1-10 19.33.png

2013-1-10 22.35.png

2013-1-10 22.42.png


2013-01-08 19.33.40.jpg

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Dasiy n Stanley s bday, 2013

- its like voice in panda fans gathering

2013-01-02 13.38.48.jpg

2013-01-04 11.15.06.png

2013-01-09 09.53.31.png

2013-01-10 13.24.50.jpg

2013-01-11 18.41.43.jpg

2013-01-12 11.48.49.jpg

2013-01-12 12.11.03.jpg

2013-01-12 12.28.56.jpg

2013-01-12 13.14.46.jpg

2013-01-12 13.28.24.jpg

2013-01-12 13.34.24.jpg

2013-01-12 13.34.46.jpg
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