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The Best Subscription / Participation Approach to Google Groups

   Choose "Email"

    Only above choice supports direct Email-Email participates in the discussion (i.e. not 轮询式 polled browsing (refresh again and again) to see if there are new replies). Some might think that dozens of discussions each day caused distraction, and then keep moving on.

    Similarly to Moodle which is a competitive opensource solution for replacing other commercial Learning Management System(LMS) like WebCT or Blackboard. 
its great to collaborate with group project communicating. The only downside to compare with Google Groups is not supporting email post/reply currently. Also, Google Groups' 'email reply' feature to be comparative with Google Wave's instant collaboration - This is the only QQ群 (Client Based QQ Instant Group) Function replacement i have ever seen in the Western world even the global.
(Added, Mar.13, 2011 by Bill)

    Here we use Gmail as an example which will be similar to QQMail, Outlook Web beta (enterprise: unsw zmail, sydney unimail) or client like Evolution such Conversation View with a subject that will be organized together, so each post of each topic will be sticking together, clean and tidy.

    The following tips will help you to avoid both frequently disturbed posts interfering and without other effects on posting or browsing:

i) Set a Filter, all incoming messages from the group will be organized from 'groupname' under a Label. All discussions of the group can be viewed by the named label.

just do when a group messages coming like this (ihouse example)

ii) If you dislike the discussions which are too often, and always show up from your inbox / pop out of email reminder, you can set the filter to 'auto archive', so this kind of new mail wont bother you from Gmail talk(Jabber XMPP) / Gmail UI, but automatically archived to your archive label / folder. Inside the mailbox, you can view the sidebar if there 'groupname'( filter has new discussion and unread number.

next to do (ihouse example)

iii) if you dun wanna look at all the posts are set to automatically archive, whereas only a topic does not tasty occasionally, do not want to continue to focus on the discussion of the topic, then simply use the Gmail shortkey 'm' to mute the subject, the upcomings from this topic will immediately be archived rather than come thru your inbox. Out of sight out of mind.

iv) Group mail list should have the standard tag prefix (if theres any), this will allow to set keywords for Gmail Filters which will filter uninterested topics out. eg. You can defined "filter all topics contain '[Vic][Mel]' inside each mail directly to the archive".

    When ppl talk about physical filter, my conditioned reflex is to ' filter out' r ather than 'filter to' probably due to the subtle influence of some fundamental chemistry experiments before i approached here. Thx for @pongba.

    and i guess i've mentioned rss reader somewhere else, just leave it here (ihouse example with greader)

点左上角那个按钮,把例如目前搞的 呀 之类都可以加,你也可以是直接一个网址,,盯久了之后,你发发现那个内置搜索就相当无敌,比如前面那个求租招租的feed, 你如果想找UNSW周围的房子,直接键入UNSW, 相关条目就都出来了(Added, Feb. 25th, 2011)

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