Saturday, May 29, 2010

Google Docs & VPL Bug Report

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-------- @Musibolun
was going to twit this thread via twitpic,, seems twitter has changed to oauth for 3rd party services authentication that i cant do twit there even upload photos.
I tried to use google docs builtin 'download as' exported our major assig to the overlord *.pdf. cos we cant electronically handin by parts to Dr. Ayi,,hey ayi,,, one link click to our assig online by the latest cloud computing webdocs,,,xP
not only for this,,,every web based export is failed since yrstrday 4pm just 1 hr b4 assig due.
dun dream of print out as file,,,the same as the above.

GDocs team jokes on their new version,,,cant generate html/css code straightforward,,,
Also the same thing here when you share it as an email attachment
my major assig partner who is a MS fun and briefly trust win7 clipboard without reporting me the docs bug(i reckon oz govt did something here).
Finally, he fixed my part latex and table format lost on his office 2010 beta.
I attempt to import our doc by zoho docs
this time i accept the truth that google got some 'technical problems'(sorry to oz govts web censorship)
last 2 choices i have is check my google gears cached and 3rd party cloud store&sync called Syncplicity.
esp. the syncplicity, will convert google docs pretty looks like dropbox, but you must have a windows os.
On the other hand, VPL Software Bug Reporting:
@UNSW  assig the work for us being 'volunteers' to test the aged Virtual Production Line software v2.2 xP based on java(latest), but it is not being a crossplatform software tragically. i tested before on *nix via crossover which is developed from an opensource project: wine, but the interfaces crashed when i did some particular process. (some report the similarly thing on some versions of win7nt6.1)
And we wasted more time due to the software cant compare results and issue the optimal result automatically.
So we wasted lots of energy for running at least 5 windows on solar cell optimizing draft(neglect windows operating harmed on mouse, keybo and monitor (inc. eyes,,nerve)).
in addition, theres a 'previous setting' bottom equivalents to do a makefile unless windows crashed. 
 i cant display any pict, and discuz any non-software issue on behalf of skool of pv n sola energy(formerly skool of EE n Telecom) unsw sydney, thats the reason why theres no any copyleft protocol that soft utility sks.
btw,,haha, the v2.2 cant compatible with my previous batches by v2.0 VPL2008,,,also, no pict for this,, error msg:
Error reading file - IO exception
p.s. the same reason failed on syncplicity,,,try the chinese blogger way: blog articles to blogger via google docs which will go thru gfw. Disadv.: lost ur docs privacy if you dun want share sth. from ur gdocs,,,,
cannot be export the latest gdocs format
i think the key issue is gdocs bring to the new style version:
updated gdocs format when export

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