Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MQ Ice skating May 21, 2011

Thanks the photos from all the members

RT @ Ivy Ge:

滑冰。。。在这严寒的冬季,就是该滑冰的季节~来吧 勇士们~不怕摔倒 不怕寒冷 的童鞋们,来参加吧!~~~
Dear Members,

How have you been?

Come and join Future Media for ice skating this Saturday!

Ice Skating

Date:21th May 2011 (This Saturday)

Time: 7pm-9pm(happy night )

Location:Macquarie ice rink
Address:Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia
Ticket Price:$20(including free gift + free water)

Come and join us, it’s a great change for you to get familiar each other. For just $20, you’ll be able to meet tones of new friends with common interests. We understand that you might be busy with assignments and exams, that’s why we chose 7-9pm so that you’ll have sufficient time to do your work in the morning and have a bit of fun at night time. Not much work can be done on Saturday nights anyways.

(Google Map fot Macquarie ice rink) 

Travel Options:
Option One:
For the ones who know where Macquarie centre is, Future Media stuff will meet you at Mc’Donald inside at 6:30pm sharp.

Option Two:
For the ones who are not familiar with Macquarie centre and the ones who live around uni wishing to travel with us, you can meet us in front of UNSW main gate at 5pm sharp. Future Media stuff will take you there by train. (Please be on time)

We’ll contact every one of you by phone to provide more details of this event. Hope you can all come and join us this time!

Warm regards,

Ivy Ge
Secretary Future Media

Website: http://future.physbook.org



告诉大家一个好消息,这礼拜六Future Media 要组织一次溜冰活动。穿上冰鞋和我们一起运动一下吧!

日期:2011年 5月21日 (本周六)
时间:7pm-9pm(happy night)
地点:Macquarie ice rink
地址:Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia

社 团成立这么长时间了,大家需要一个high的氛围认识一下。$20不算多,但是你们会认识很多志同道合的新朋友。快来参加吧。考虑到会员们最近都很忙,所 以我们特意把时间定在了晚上,这样就尽量避免占用大家的正常时间。学完了出来放松下,活动活动筋骨,精力充沛地迎接新的一天。

(请点击 Macquarie ice rink)

认识路的人6:30前请到Macquarie center里面的麦当劳集合,


因为滑冰场就在Macquarie center里面所以我们大家一起在麦当劳集合, 之后一起过去。买票,我们会统一收钱之后统一购票。送水哦!!!!!!!lol

Ivy Ge
Future Media 秘书长


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