Friday, May 11, 2012

May.11, 2012

Image by Musi_Zhang via Flickr
Firstly, we completed the immi law seminar

Week 10 Newsletter, 2012 S1

from one of @unswdebating's sponsors.
As i Announced that RT @Musibolun:
@unswdebating i didnt get bashed up last friday,,, instead, gals were surrounding me for official protection
Also as i remembered RT @UNSW, 'dun call triple0 if you dun want troubles, use 0293856666 or 1800626003 instead'.
After some internal contradictions were being solving, @unswdebating ppl had been separated into 2 groups, first 30 ppl went to sydney city first for free karaoke in k mix, i stayed in the second for a meeting then we 10 were catching up but there were no spare karaoke room, so we 2nd group combined some ph ppl to galaxy world; first group such as andrew, rachel, derek, colin and herny etc. kept singing as i rmb in a green tiny room. Finally the rest of us moved to Darling Harbour via Chinatown 穿过唐人街到了情人港 for @unswdebating pr colin's bday.
Definitely i did the filming with no exception:

Eddy Hanson n dr.Claire were attracted by Fruit Ninja FX (HD). It just reminded me like Chang Koehan,,, n claire wasnt that familiar with the larger touch monitor.
[3.50] I just got in wiz claire, austin, alex n ?gal? and gave them @unswdebating wellfare in the first ride,,, pretty hard to control than go cart,,
[9.25] 2nd ride: eddy hanson, dr.claire, kade, jay n luke老板 伴随着歌的倾情解说,也算解了没有唱免费K的遗憾。
[22.09] At the very last in darling harbor we had colin's bday cake and my harmony performance:
Thanks for the contribution from eddy hanson,,, we really missed his princess hug in this set


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