Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Dinner & Board Games Routine Activities S1 2012 @unswdebating

Finally upgra my mac hdd from 250 giga to 750 giga,,, what a great feeling when you look at the spare 500 giga during the surfing xP
Later on i found a few hundred giga media from @unswdebating that i cant complain so much but i promise those are the best ever so far in the whole chinese debating society - i developed some techniques can even prevent some vibrations from my arms cos the frankly diff b/w phone n a real camera is vibration reducible or not.

Lets move on to the semester 1 wkly activity archive:

Note: video could be download via podcast (e.g.itunes as shown below)
2hrs length in total,,, summarise if got time in the future


分享是主旋律,,工具类总结,tips and derivations that will make it easier for me to perform the various tasks im faced with. These notes cover a wide range such as data analysis utilities (details see my site tags). this site is mainly used to help me clarify/sumarize/debug/backup/refactor/organize my thoughts,我的生产力解放,不用把更多的时间赔上,and capture my interests with time savingmay helpful to you literally we turn to a grp blog and collaboration,,,, on the other hand, i strongly suggest to subscribe inside a rss reader rather than refresh the website each time,,,alternatively, you can subscribe as podcast inside like itunes if you wanna download media contains ,,, also the microblog site is a complement to our website. - @Musibolun

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