Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012星岛杯辩题分组抽签仪式结果"Singtao Cup"Australian University Mandarin Debating Competition Ballot Results

RT @Musibolun:
 "Singtao Cup"Australian University Mandarin Debating Competition was drawn 香港亲中大报《星岛日报》澳洲版旗下赞助比赛项目“星岛杯”全国大学生辩论赛抽签

[Attendees]  Ben X许若华, Young Y杨孟阳, Kade L李沄沨, Bill @Musibolun,  Claire X谢諹,Lingfeng Yang ( @Sydney_Uni ),Henry @zxhenry, Andrew S宋立辉 and Eddy Z张龙
[Chaired by] Claire X谢諹, Ben X许若华 and Young Y杨孟阳

[Secretary] Bill @Musibolun


(Added by Bill, 季殿赛and决赛题目swapped by Dr. Claire, Aug.21, 2012)


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