Saturday, August 4, 2012

[Podcast]电台收听指南 tune it in @unswdebating

        Just a quick guide to windows usrs. p.s. *nix usrs such as mac/linux may able to figure themselves out.
/*Noobs Config start*/
1. iOS Devices (iphone/ipad/ipod):

  • Download and install an Apple iTunes for MS Windows (Apple Account ID Required)
  • Click on 
  • Enable Podcast Sync with ur iOS devices.
Note: Jailbrked may have to use Podcaster App. (Added by Musi_Zhang, Sep.25, 2012)

2. Android Devices (Samsung/HTC/Huawei/Motorola/LG/Sony etc. all compatibilities)
There are ii solutions: Google Reader Centralised and iTunes Centralised,
   i. Google Reader Centralised
  • Go to  (Gmail Account ID Required)
  • "Subscribe"
  • Install Podkicker or Listen on ur Android Device
  • Setup Google Reader Syncing 

/*Noobs Config End*/
  ii. iTunes Centralised
  • Download and install an Apple iTunes for MS Windows (not compulsory if no video feeds)
  • Sync Android with iTunes

    PC owners who already use iTunes to download podcasts can bypass Android apps and load podcasts with the help of iTunes Agent and a Smart Playlist. The downside is that you have to connect to a computer to update your podcasts, but this is a good solution for current iTunes users.

    • Open iTunes and select “File > New Smart Playlist”
    • From the drop-down menu, select “Podcast” and “is true”
    • Press the “+” sign to create another rule.
    • From the drop-down menu, select “Date Added” and “is in the last” to make sure only recent podcasts are synced. Choose the number based on however many days you wish and press “Ok”
    • Name your new playlist
    • Download and install iTunes Agent
    • Follow the simple set-up instructions found here
    • * In the “Music Folder” field, create a new folder named “Podcasts” on your SD card
    • * In the “Associate with playlist” field, select the Smart Playlist you created in iTunes
    • To play on the G1, open your media player of choice and launch the Playlist you created. Every time you update your iTunes library and sync the device, the playlist will automatically update as well. 

    • Click on 
    • Enable Podcast Sync with ur iOS devices.     

    (Video Tutorial Added, Musi_Zhang, Aug.9 , 2012)
    (Juice & gPodder Pict Added, Musi_Zhang, Aug.10 , 2012)

    ^ Sync Android with iTunes, Androinica 2009-9-15 19:21:02. Retrieved on Aug.3, 2012.


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