Thursday, August 30, 2012

“星岛杯”澳洲大学生华语辩论赛 "Singtao Cup" Australian University Debating in Chinese Mandarin @unswdebating


澳洲星岛杯华语辩论赛。届时将会有来自澳洲八所院校的队伍参加比赛,为大家带来精彩纷呈的表演。        本次比赛将分为母语组以及非母语组,分两天举行。不仅是澳洲规模空前的一次大型华语辩论赛,更是华语在澳洲推广的重要一环。其中最为精彩和激动人心的决赛(非母语组和母语组)将在9月8日下午举行。具体信息如下:决赛具体信息如下:日期: 9月8日星期六
时间: 下午1:30
地点: University of New South Wales, Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033
会场: Law Building G04





新南威尔士大学中文辩论社 敬上

Dear members,

2012 Singtao Cup Australian University Chinese Debating Competition is coming next week (7th and 8th September)!

This event will incorporate 8 teams from 8 Universities, such as Univesity of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and 5 teams from other universities in Queensland, ACT, and Victoria. With more than 5,000 students on campus who speak Mandarin, the Chinese debating club represents the richness of diversity that thrives within the University of New South Wales.
Non-native speakers of Mandarin who come from ANU and UNSW will take part in this matchWe believe the promotion of this Mandarin debating competition will be a tremendous step forward for union debating.

Location: Law Building G04, UNSW KENSINGTON CAMPUS
Date: 8th September, 1:30pm

Content: The final match between two teams of non-native speakers and the final match between two teams of native speakers
(check the attachment for details)

This will be an amazing opportunity to watch the highest level of mandarin debating in Australia. We welcome all of you to watch! It is free to enter without ticket.
For the most updated news and information, please follow our Website here:


UNSW Chinese Debating Club

For all general enquiries, please email:


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